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Editorial Design

Tela is an experimental magazine about art and culture. The whole project revolves around the concept of textiles.

The content is related to the word cloth. There are articles on the Iron Curtain, on spider webs, on how the spies of the Cold War wove to pass secret information, on the advice of Coco Chanel, etc. The bullet points that indicate the end of each of these items are textile icons.

Japanese binding is also related to the word cloth. The sheets are exterior but a reader is able to see the inside by tearing the sheet away so the magazine has two levels of reading. The first is direct and textual in black and white with a pink line reminiscent of a thread. The second must be discovered by tearing away a double sheet to discover the work of a textile artist in full colour.

The title of the cover is stitched.


Personal Project



Editorial Design


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